A downloadable game

Download Instructions (Current Build Only for Windows): Please download the game file -> Extract -> Enjoy . This build is a demo for touch monitors, but can be played with a mouse of touch pad. 

Starting Game Instructions: Start Button -> Tap anywhere to Start

How to Play: Tap/Click either side of the screen to attack the bolts on the beat


Showcased at the GDC18 Intel University Showcase, competing against the top 10 game development universities in the US.

First place RIT Imagine Cup Game Jam out of a group of highly skilled competitors.

MetroGnome is a 3D Rhythm defense game, created within 36 hours, in which the player is able to map out their own beats to the song of their choice and fight to survive while keeping on rhythm.

Role: Technical Artist
- Character creation, which I modeled, rigged, and animated the main character of the game using blender
- Environmental art, modeled different aspects of the environment with a specific the art style in mind, as well worked on lighting
- UI/UX, designed different menus and selection options in which the player is able to interact with
- External tool, worked on a file implementing tool which allowed the user to choose the file of their choice.

Install instructions

Please download the game file -> Extract -> Enjoy (Windows Only Currently)


MetroGnome_DemoBuild.zip 34 MB